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    Garage door service Dupont would like you to visit their online gallery;
    you can read about all of our services, products and prices. We have lots of
    different solutions for your garage door. We assure you we will satisfy all
    your needs. Our garage door installation service is a must; you will never regret.
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    Dupont Garage Doors provides you with the best garage door services; we install, repair, replace
    and service all kinds of doors. We have plenty of experience and knowledge about garage doors.
    Our technicians are capacitated to find solutions and install any door. Dupont Garage Doors has a
    wide range of garage door options; you can choose from a wide variety of material, models, patterns,
    styles, colors and accessories. We will help you with your door, components, floor and windows.
    We will provide you with precise consultation and information so you can make the right decisions.
  • DuPont Garage Door Service
    We Service Garage Doors
    Dupont Garage Doors invites you to try their excellent preventive maintenance program.
    They will service your doors and leave them as knew. You must remember that proper
    and regular servicing is vital if you want to prolong your garage door life cycle.
    We will fix your opener, tracks, panels and sensors, anything you need.
Garage Door Service in DuPont: (253) 245-3861

New Door Installation

New Door Installation

Come to our store and bring your garage door design. We will assist you and give you all you need. The finest materials, styles, patterns colors and more, we will help you get your dreamt garage door.

Door Installation WA

New Opener Installation

If you are experiencing problems with your old garage door opener, it is time you had it replaced. We will install the most advanced opener for your door. We have chain driven openers, belt driven and shaft driven garage door openers. We will also provide you with remotes and cutting-edge wireless access control systems.

Opener Installation

Garage Door Repair DuPont

Dupont Garage Doors provides you with around the clock repair service. We offer our service to the entire Dupon area. We will repair your garage door, tracks, remotes, springs, panels, access control system, pulleys, or anything you need.

DuPont Garage Doors

If you ever need professional, opportune and reasonable prices on garage door services, call Dupont Garage Doors; our operators will give you all the information you require. Choose us as your garage door company, you will never regret. We offer professional and creative services. Visit our store or our website, you will find more information about our offers, products, accessories and services; we offer different styles, materials, models and reliable brands. Our specialists are capacitated to deal with all kinds of reparation and servicing services; they have plenty of experience and cutting-edge tools. Additionally, they use the most advanced technologies. Dupont Garage Door technicians are always available to assist you.

Changes are good, we always want to make changes in our lives; they represent evolution. Changing your garage door style might be just that; evolution. If you want to make changes on your garage door style, you must contact Dupont Garage Doors. They will find the most creative options for you.  We provide you with new springs, new openers, fashionable pieces of hardware, brand new remotes, fresh cables and modern windows.

Dupont Garage Doors provides you with a full assistant program that goes from the consultation and assessment of your specific requirements. From manufacturing and periodic maintenance of your garage doors. We satisfy even the most exigent requirements and this has been a trademark to our company. There is nothing we can’t do when it comes to your total satisfaction as our customer.

Additionally, Dupont Garage Door Company is a manufacturer as well. We have a wide variety of long-lasting materials at quite affordable prices. We allow you to make accurate decisions in accordance to your budget and requirements.

All our services and products have full warranty; we provide you with absolute free repair if you have problems with any of our products. Our warranty does not require extra money. We install doors, windows, any hardware and all sorts of electronic devices.

Dupont Garage Doors offers you the best materials. We deal with the most recognized garage door manufacturers in the U.S. do not worry about quality or style; we have a wide variety wooden, steel, plastic, aluminum and fiber glass doors. We offer classic, modern and traditional looks and patterns. We want you to know that you do not have to worry about weight, durability, resistance or practicality; we are sure you will find a door that matches your needs and requirements.

In addition, Dupont Garage Doors supplies thermal resistant and insulation doors. We act in accordance with all insulation standards recommended for residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural venues. Contact us, our operators will send our consultation team and provide you with a full assessment and detailed information on your insulation needs. We will inform you on preferable materials, opener systems, costs, maintenance services and more. We will help you make the best choices so you get the best garage door system and save lots of money.

Dupont Garage Doors

Who we are

Dupont Garage Doors is a small garage door company. We provide all sorts of commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural garage door solutions. We perform complete installation, repair and replacement services and we supply a great preventive maintenance program.


Dupont Garage Doors works with the most up-to-date materials on the industry. We will install beautiful and stylish wooden doors, strong and resistance steel doors, or modern aluminum, plastic or fiber doors.


Our technicians have a lot of experience and plenty of knowledge about thermal insulation; they guarantee ultimate containment inside your garage.


Openers are a vital part of your garage door; they allow the raising a lowering of the door. You must have the best garage door opener for your door; you do not want to have problems, you do not want to have a garage door opener that fails constantly. Contact Dupont Garage Doors they supply the finest garage door openers.

Affordable Service

Our prices are the lowest in the entire Dupont area.

Reliable Services

We do as promised, you will never regret.

Professional Services

All our experts are well trained and capacitated to deal with any garage door solutions.

Clients Testimonials

  • Naomi Hudson

    My family and I are really glad we contacted Dupont Garage Doors. They performed a complete garage door installation and the result is just superb.

  • Dean Pattinson

    I never thought installing a garage door could be so exciting! They really know what they are doing, it was a really pleasant experience.

  • Marissa Duplay

    My garage door opener had been broken for a long time, I didn’t have it replaced sooner because I thought it was gonna be expensive. One day, a friend of mine told me about Dupont Garage Doors and I decided to give them a call. Best decision ever.

Our Basic Services

Dupont Garage Doors supplies different services. We know all your home and business need. All our workers are trained and they keep high standards of ethics and professionalism. We want to ensure you never have the same problem twice. Our main domains are:

Garage Door Repair DuPont

DuPont Garage Door Installation

Our technicians will install any door. No matter how ambitious your project is, we offer complete fulfillment and satisfaction. Come and let’s talk about materials, styles, systems, models, patterns, colors and all you need for your garage door.

DuPont Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Service

You cannot let your garage door break down; you must have it serviced regularly. Dupont Garage Doors offers the finest precautionary maintenance program; we will inspect your garage door and spot any possible threats in order to provide you with quality servicing.

WA DuPont Garage Door

Garage Door Repair DuPont

Dupont Garage Doors provides the people of Dupont with first-class repair service. We repair any part of your garage door; openers, springs, tracks, remotes, sensors, panels, access control systems, etc. we offer same day repair. Our technicians have excellent tools and our vehicles are equipped with the most advanced machinery; we take the entire workshop to your location to solve your problem.

Garage Door Service DuPont

It’s finally here!!! Use the form below or the phone number listed on your right hand side and contact our team of friendly experts directly. We will answer all your questions and help you sort out the specific details of your dream job, we will provide you with a solid no “B.S.” quote.”

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