Broken Remotes

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Broken Remotes

Garage door control remotes are very useful electronic devices. They allow you to get inside your garage without having to lift heavy doors by yourself and without leaving your car. The remote sends a signal to the opener which opens and closes the door for you. Remotes have provided people with in-car access and have made garage door access a lot easier. If your garage door stops working, you might find yourself in trouble, especially if your garage cannot be open manually without a remote. Dupont Garage Door Services will fix your garage door for you. We have plenty of practice and expertise to fix any remote control. We deal with all kinds of remotes regardless of their brand or model. Garage Door Services Dupont offers practical control remote consultation and solutions.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

Broken Remotes Dupont

Dupont Garage Door Services has provided the people of Dupont with the finest remote service for long years. They are able to fix, service or replace any garage door control remote. They offer a wide range of different solutions. They work with the best manufacturers in the country and supply the most recognized remote brands available; Insteon, Chamberlain, Genie, SkyLink, Direct Drive, Defiant and others. Besides, they are able to fix any universal remote. Their technicians will find solutions to any garage door control remote; they have cutting-edge tools and the latest technologies. Call Dupont Garage Door Services, they will give you solutions.

Broken Remotes Dupont Service

Dupont Garage Door Services will make sure your remote is truly broken before trying to fix it. Oftentimes remotes start to act up due to different reasons. At Dupont Garage Door Services our technicians are specialized in garage door remotes and they know a lot about them; they know that when a remote stops working properly, it may be caused by different reasons other than it is broken. We want you to make sure your remote is definitely broken before you have to hire our services and spend money unnecessarily.

Sometimes batteries are the cause, they might be the only reason: worn-out batteries are very common, they have a limited life cycle and once this cycle is reached, they will not work anymore, you need to replace the battery. Dupont Garage Door Services provides batteries for your remotes, they can install the batteries for you or teach you how to do it. Other common problem is dirty or wet contacts inside the battery. Dirt and humidity does not allow electrical current to flow to the circuit board properly, resolving in remote failure. Another problem might be that the eye, which is the plastic covering over the IR unit on the remote, is dirty. If the eye is dirty, it will not allow the signal to pass through from the transmitter (the remote) to the receiver (opener). You should clean both eyes; the one on the transmitter and the one on the receiver. If changing the battery or cleaning both eyes make no change and your remote still does not work, try resetting both the remote and the receiver. Remove the battery for about 30 seconds and install it again and unplug the receiver for 30 seconds as well and plug it back in. If the remote still does not work, you should call a professional. Remember that Dupont Garage Door Services is the best garage door company in the area. We will find the problem and provide you with solutions.

Dupont Garage Door Services has a lot of options and solutions for you. We are the most reliable company in the area. You are our number one priority and we want to offer you the best. Our service includes:

  • Fixing your broken remote controls for you
  • Replacing remotes in case they are lost or beyond repair
  • Providing our customers with extra remotes
  • Providing different brands and models.
  • Offering our 24/7 emergency service

Our remote control reparation service allows you to:

  • Work 1 or 2 garage different doors or gates. Our universal remotes even allow you to operate different brands simultaneously
  • Fix your remote to the car visor
  • Get a long-life lithium battery
  • A 1-year limited guarantee

Dupont Garage Door  will provide you with the best service in the region. We will repair your remote, provide you with a new one and give you all kinds of recommendations. Contact us and get ready to enjoy the best service.

Broken Remotes

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